Just for giggles...

I saw an idea that I'm hoping will get me thinking a bit more creatively. These are Artist Trading Cards that measure 2" x 3.5" - standard business card size. I plan on doing one set of barnyard animals, then starting another with woodland creatures. Here are the cow and the hen I did this morning. They are done with watercolor and markers.


Nothing but {{A}}

Yay! Three 100% grades in one day... Think that just might be a new record for me! Yep, I'm happy...yep, I'm patting myself on the back... Okay. I'm done.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Be safe. Be loved.


Web Graphic Arts Design - Final Project

Done...now just waiting on the grades for the 3rd project and my final.

For the final project, I had to surf for a web site and redesign it. I picked Fruita Farmers Market (http://fruitafarmersmarket.com/) and wrote up my summarization of what I felt the original design flaws are, created a new logo, new navigation controls, a site map and all the other goodies to clean it up.

Here is the storyboard that I came up with to work from...

And the new page proposal (for school project only)...



Well...it is that time of year. And...I do live in the Rocky Mountains. So...guess I shouldn't be surprised that we could get up to 9 inches of snow on the ground between now and tomorrow night. Time to find a good pair of warm gloves and snow pants for Dylan! That boy loves to be outdoors. Rocky Dog seems to prefer the colder weather, too. Watching those two play is entirely too much fun!