Hot Air Balloon

Mary over at svgcuts.com made this adorable tea set... Of course, I made a teapot. Then I decided that the teapot could probably make a pretty fun hot air balloon. After some playing, here is what I came up with. The basket is a modification of the bushel in Mary's Caramel Apple Pie Kit. Love her designs! The 3D Bows are a free file from svgcuts.com and the ferny evergreens are from their 3D Wintergreens kit. The little flowers are from Lettering Delights.


  1. That is reaaly pretty.Could you tell me how you rounded out the top please? daniellekellogg@yahoo.com
    Thank you,

    1. For that one, I folded the tabs from the top of the teapot inside and glued them down. For the last few I've done, I've left them up as it seems to make it a little easier to attach strings for hanging. I've also decided I like the bottom of the cupcake box from Mary's Happy Birthday to You kit. I removed the top half of the sides, but they could probably just be folded down and glued, too.